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2011 Member Full Conference $295
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Non-Member Full Conference $395
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Student Full Conference $100
Meals included
Wednesday Evening Only $30
Opening keynote and reception.
Thursday Only, 2011 Member $160
Plenary breakfast included
Friday Only, 2011 Member $160
Banquet included
Thursday Only, Non-Members $195
Plenary breakfast included
Friday Only, Non-Members $195
Banquet included
Workshop/Field Trip Only,
No Conference Registration
If you are choosing this option it is because you are NOT attending the conference and are only registering for Practical Cartography Day, Practical Map Librarian Day, the ArcGIS 10 Saturday workshop, and/or the University of Wisconsin Cartography Celebration (see below).

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Additional Registrations

Practical Cartography Day
9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Wednesday, October 12
Join professional cartographers and academics for this highly anticipated all-day session, as they share practical solutions to their most pressing and enigmatic cartographic problems. (includes lunch)
Practical Map Librarian Day
11:30 am - 4:30 pm, Wednesday, October 12
Tour of the WI State Historical Society library, and archives; hear about cartographic digital initiatives and cataloging project. From there, we’ll move to Scince Hall to talk with Jude Leimer at the History of Cartography Project, students of the UW Cartography Lab and conclude with a reception and tour of the Robinson Map Library.
NACIS Night Out
6:30 pm, Thursday, October 14
Enjoy a beverage and a hearty German dinner, served family-style, at one of Madison’s favorite places, the Essen Haus. Lederhosen optional.
Cost at the door: $30

Saturday Field Trips
October 15

Explore Wisconsin (limit 12)
7:30 am – 6:45 pm
Karen Tuerk will take you on a tour through Wisconsin, starting at the Aldo Leopold Shack and Legacy Center Tour, then a Picnic Lunch at Devils Lake and Geology/Natural History Hike, followed by a tour of the International Crane Foundation and a sunset tour through the UW Arboretum on your return drive.
Wisconsin Badgers Homecoming Tailgate
10am – 6pm
Rob Roth, will teach you how to Bucky at Homecoming, 2011.
University of Wisconsin Cartography Celebration
6pm – 10pm
The UW Cartography Lab will host a reception celebrating the long tradition of cartography at UW-Madison. All are welcome to join us for an open house at the Cartography Lab, followed by a reception for refreshments at the Fluno Center for lively reminiscing.

Saturday Workshops
October 15

ArcGIS 10 for Cartographers
9:00 am – 12:00pm
NOTE: The limit of 20 for the ArcGIS workshop is a total limit of 20 consisting of both conference and non-conference attendees.
  Conference Attendees $25 
  Non-Conference Attendees $35 
In this workshop, you will learn about the new capabilities in ArcGIS 10 for map making, including: data-driven pages for making map books and map series, spatio-temporal mapping and new animation capabilities, basemap functionality and basemap use, and new generalization tools that are especially effective for building and road features. We will also demonstrate how can use to make your Web maps and share them with others.
Note: The second registration option ($35) is for people who are only attending the workshop and NOT the conference.
Teaching with Web Maps (limit 20)
9:00 am – 12:00pm $5 
Introduced in 2005, Google Maps has transformed the online mapping experience. The associated Application Programmer Interface (API) facilitated map mashups. This hands-on workshop examines online mapping APIs for the mapping of point, line, and area data. All examples use an HTML/JavaScript interface to the Google Maps API

Membership Dues for 2011

Member $42
Student $20
Institution/Affiliate* $72

Membership Dues for 2012

Member $42
Student $20
Institution/Affiliate* $72

Total Due

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Plan to book your room immediately as demand will be high and supply limited this year.
Madison Concourse Hotel
1 West Dayton St. Madison, WI
Be sure to use code NACIS.
You can also call Reservations at 800-356-8293
Direct Hotel Line 608-257-6000

ADA COMPLIANCE: NACIS will make reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities at this symposium. Please call Susan Peschel 414-229-6282 or email for further information, or if you need special assistance. A minimum of 7 days notice is appreciated.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A refund of your registration fee will be made minus a $50 processing fee, if cancellation is received in writing fourteen days prior to the date of the event. Alternates are encouraged to attend for any pre-registrant who is unable to attend.

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*Affiliate Memberships

Pursuant to action taken at the NACIS Board meeting of March 22, 1997, the "Institutional Membership" category was replaced with "Affiliate Membership."

The features of Affiliate membership are as follows:

  • Membership dues are set at $72.00 per year.
  • Allows one designated voting member.
  • Annual subscription to Cartographic Perspectives.
  • Two membership-rate registrations at the NACIS Annual Meeting.
  • Opportunity to profile organization once yearly in CP.
  • Link their organizations to the NACIS homepage if requested.
  • Participation in the Annual Meeting's poster session.



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